Indonesia Fund Fest 2018

After the resounding success of two editions of the India Fund Fest, we now bring the hugely successful funding format to Indonesia in partnership with the iconic Habibie Festival.

Indonesia Fund Fest offers you an opportunity to get funded efficiently and quickly.

An event where the sole focus is on the Entrepreneur without the distraction of crowds, speeches, sellers etc. The entrepreneurs are the ones on stage in the spotlight, pitching directly to a large group of investors. We have confidence in the selected companies, because of our proprietary Investor Readiness Report process.

If you are an Entrepreneur who has been looking for a platform where you can directly meet and interact with investors and get funded in a timely and effective manner, this is the platform you have been looking for. So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you just have an idea or are an established business, this Fund Fest pitches you with similar group of companies to give you maximum exposure and opportunity for funding, in the minimum amount of time.

Our focus is on YOU & the INVESTOR

Organizing Team

Jury Members

How It Works - For Entrepreneurs

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    Investor Readiness Report PREPARATION

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  •  Quick validation for free, with basic information to let you know if you can progress to the next stage
  •  Know if your startup is approved by our business experts for the next stage, based on the basic information provided by you
  •  Opportunity to move to the next stage of "Selected" Startups of Indonesia Fund Fest 2018

  Investor Readiness Report

  •  Receive your offer to join the "Funding Readiness Scores" process
  •  Pay for the Unique Funding Readiness Scores with highlighted commentary on your strengths, strategic approach to funding & areas of focus.
  •  Receive the login details to upload all your investor collateral and access a wealth of coaching materials.
  •  Meet with our Industry & Financial Experts for Due Diligence for preparation of Funding Readiness Scores.
  •  Receive Funding Readiness Scores for your company along with the feedback on your strengths, how you should seek funding as well as close gaps in your investor materials.


  •  Jury to release the selected shortlist of Indonesia's 'Top 50 - Most Fundable Startups for 2018' on 12th September, based on Investor Readiness Report scores
  •  The top 50 pitch to industry experts on 18th September in Jakarta. The experts select the final 'Top 20 – Most Fundable Startups for 2018' on 18th September 2018. These top 20 will pitch in front of an investor audience in the Finale on 20th September.
  •  'Selected Top 20 Most Fundable Startups of 2018' to be thoroughly coached on 19th September 2018 prior to Finale on 20th September.


  •  Pitch to the matched investors in the finale on 20th September 2018.
  •  Get the chance to accelerated funding and exposure nationwide and globally.
  •  21st -23rd September 2018, Top 20 to have a booth at Habibie Festival – Startup Exhibition Hall to display their solution to 1,00,000+ visitors.
  •  Take home your recorded pitch video for future investor meets.
  •  Top 50 to receive continued support for the next thirty days (30 days) post the event. Your investment proposal along with the recorded video will be sent to few matched investors globally and legal support will be provided.

Investor Readiness Report

The Investor Readiness Report is prepared by business, industry and financial experts relying on the various documentary submissions of the company. These include their investment pitch, promotional videos, marketing material, business plans, strategic plans and other documents.
One on One meetings with the Founders will be conducted to get clarity on the state of the business, to accurately assess the business opportunity and to provide investors with a fair sense of investability of the business venture.

How It Works - For Investors

Register & Review

  •  Opportunity to participate in Indonesia’s first serious Funding Fest
  •  Get showcased in all our promotional activities
  •  Due diligence on the business, market, competitive landscape and founding members to mitigate against risk
  •  Access to snapshot of Investor Readiness Reports prepared by Industry & Financial Experts

Engage and Invest

  •  Vetted, verified list of Most Fundable Startups report prior to Finale
  •  No distractions of speeches, sponsors, sellers, public and the just curious
  •  With the help of due diligence process, showcasing Highly Vetted Startups
  •  Receive the pitches of all the Pre-screened Registered Startups after the Finale

Our Team


Sachin Gopalan

Sachin Gopalan has spent 20 years in Indonesia working in media and content organizations. A successful startup expert, he has set up several businesses over a 26 year career. From setting up a new factory to manufacture ophthalmic lenses for SRF Visioncare, India, to a nationwide operations for Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, to expanding services as Marketing Director of CastleAsia, to building up QTV & SWARA Television Channels in partnership with DPR/MPR, and then established the successful media group Beritasatu Media owned by Lippo Group.

Nalin Singh

Has experienced a diverse life as a CEO of a fortune 500 company, as well as an entrepreneur and a film maker in a career of over 25 years. He is also the author of several books, "Reboot to Reconquer: Navigating the Afternoon Of Life" was a bestseller in its category in 2015. He is a life coach and a business strategy mentor to CEO's, corporations, governments, celebrities and entrepreneurs. His latest book "Get Funded Now" deals with the brutal world of funding and guides Entrepreneurs on navigating the funding process successfully. The book has won the National Book Honour and is a best seller as well.


Dinesh Singh

With over twenty years of experience in data analytics and leadership positions in Human Resource departments of Fortune 50 companies, he stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship. He has seen the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and now guides companies in change management as well as entrepreneurs on execution of business plans.

Jaya Nair

Her corporate exposure spanning 30 years, especially as a HR professional has helped her to focus on the Human behind the role'. It encouraged her to probe into the dynamics behind thought patterns, perceptions, fears and its influence on emotions, behaviour and performance. Jaya, through practical experience, has confirmed her strong belief that every individual has unique strengths and amazing capacities to endure, learn, and grow from life's many challenges. "She is a life coach and conducts transformational training sessions for groups."

Sunil Girdhar

Sunil Girdhar is a global leader who has more than thirty years of experience at the highest levels of Management. An engineer by profession he excels in managing large diverse workforces in the BPO and IT domains. He has successfully led startup companies in the HRO space as their Group Managing Director with global oversight, as well as worked in global P&L positions in companies. He excels in change management processes and project management of large contracts apart from mentoring leaders in P&L positions.

Deddy Susilo Wicakasono

Deddy, has an Accounting background with an SE degree. He has four years of audit experience and three years’ experience in finance, accounting and tax. He has audited financial reports in several manufacturing, service, trading and media companies. This experience enables him to be highly effective in roles that demand control over multiple simultaneous projects. Over the past few years he has worked with employers in helping them calculate and plan their taxes efficiently. He is an expert in training entrepreneurs in the financial and taxation aspects of their business. He was a key member in organizing the Bekraf endorsed Get Funded workshops across seven cities of Indonesia.

Mehak Arora

Being a Human Resource professional for a couple of years in global IT services firms, she has the understanding of the corporate world. Coming from entrepreneurial family background & insights of how this world works, she has entered into this sphere. She brings with her the blend of skills that appropriately fit the line of entrepreneurship. She believes that the world needs the startup ecosystem to boom to keep pace with the dynamic environment & promote the modern thinkers to make this planet a better place to live in.


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The jury will select the top 50 most fundable startups on 12th September. On 18th September these top 50 will pitch to select industry experts. The experts will select the top 20 for pitching in the finale on 20th September.

Upon payment for the Investor Readiness Report you get access to a wealth of information using your pin and password. Additionally the top 20 are extensively coached on 19th September before the finale

At the Habibie Festival we expect more than 1,00,000 visitors between 21st – 23rd September. A special exhibition area for startups has been created. In this area the top 20 finalists will get booths to display their idea / business proposition. This is a great opportunity to meet other investors as well as validate the client response to the business idea.

  • Social media coverage for being a Pre Finalist
  • Summary Funding Readiness Score with guidance on funding strategy
  • Recognition on our website
  • Use of tagline in all your investor & marketing collateral “Pre Finalist – Most Fundable Startups of Indonesia – Indonesia Fund Fest 2018”
  • Certificate signed by Ilham Habibie
  • Opportunity to pitch to Industry experts on 18th September
  • Two tickets to the Finale of 20th September and opportunity to network with investors
  • Video recording of your pitch
  • 30 days free legal support for any investor negotiations
  • We will send your pitch to matched investors for 30 days post the event
  • Extensive Social media and press coverage for being a Finalist
  • Summary Funding Readiness Score with guidance on funding strategy
  • Recognition on our website
  • Use of tagline in all your investor & marketing collateral “Finalist – Most Fundable Startups of Indonesia – Indonesia Fund Fest 2018”
  • Certificate signed by Ilham Habibie
  • Opportunity to pitch to Industry experts on 18th September
  • Opportunity to pitch to select investors on 20th September
  • Two tickets to the Finale of 20th September and opportunity to network with investors
  • Booth in the Most Fundable Startups Exhibition Hall of the Habibie Festival to showcase your business, for three days 21st – 23rd September with 1,00,000+ visitors expected
  • Video recording of your pitch
  • 30 days free legal support for any investor negotiations
  • We will send your pitch to matched investors for 30 days post the event

We encourage startups in any domain and at any stage to apply.

We provide opportunity to companies under three categories;

  • Companies that are pre-revenue
  • Companies that are pre-breakeven
  • Companies that are already profitable.
At the idea stage, you can apply in the first category and have a fair chance among similar stage companies. Our Investor Readiness Report is also a qualitative assessment report on the opportunity and potential of the idea. Having a formal structure and mature business model is not a pre-requisite or guarantee for a high fundability score. So, go ahead and apply!

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised, we encourage everyone to apply.

No, however, there is a documentation fee of IDR 4.3 Million to cover the cost of the Investor Readiness Report and to ensure that we are only dealing with serious startups.

Application Review Committee (ARC) will consist of representatives from VCs, incubators, angel investors, industry experts and more.

Natio Cultus has been recognized as one of the top 25 Merger, Acquisition and Funding companies of India in September 2016. To date our consultants have supported more than 300+ startups to receive funding apart from mentoring and advising them on various aspects of business strategy and governance. Each one of our lead consultants has been an entrepreneur and has more than twenty years of business experience.

Natio Cultus and its consultants have raised funds from USD 10,000 to USD 55 million. They have also led and first hand experienced deals of various sizes upto USD 1.5 billion.

We expect nearly 1,000 startups to register and enter the funding readiness process stage. From these; subject to jury selection; we expect a Top 50 most fundable startup list to be selected. In India we have had 6,500+ startups in 2017 and 10,000+ startups in 2018.

All companies that apply (post payment of the fee) will undergo the due diligence that will result in a unique “Investor Readiness Report”. This developed and delivered:

  • After a thorough review by business, industry and financial experts of the company’s submitted key documentation such as pitch, business plan and investment needs and objectives
  • Including an expert review with a one on one interview with the founders to include the finer nuances of their strategy, plans and idea
  • After feeding over more than hundred collected data points into a proprietary algorithm driven tool to arrive at an overall funding readiness score as well as a funding readiness score across eleven key business areas. All scores are compared to a peer group to provide calibration of the company’s standing vis a vis its peers
  • Provides Investors an independent view of strengths, risks, potential and opportunity
  • Provides advise on areas to work upon for positioning the company for funding, to investors
  • Gives the Entrepreneur a clear direction on the strategy to adopt for funding

This report has been adopted by leading banks and financial institutions and is invaluable to an entrepreneur as well as to an investor.

We expect close to 1000 applications for the "Investor Readiness Report" stage.

Once you have completed Registration and paid the Investor Readiness Report fees you will receive a pin and password to login to our website. A sample pitch deck, expectations, sample diligence report etc. will be available for your review.

The optional video is to help the Application Review Committee (ARC) get a better understanding of the company. If your company is difficult to explain in a few slides, then the video may help, but will not necessarily increase the chances of being selected.

The Most Fundable Startups list for 2018 will be announced through a press release on or before 10th September 2018.

Each startup will be allocated 3-5 minutes to pitch followed by 2-3 minutes of Q&A from the investor audience.

Almost all investor groups from Indonesia including VC's, Angel Investor's, Seed Funding Investors and High Net Worth Individuals apart from Key Investors from eight other countries including the US, UK, Singapore and Indonesia will be at the Finale. The format of the Fund Fest is to ensure that you are pitched to the right set of investors. For example, you will pitch to investors who are interested in your venture; depending on the tenure of your business, business plan maturity, financial robustness, size of opportunity, size of investment required, industry segment, credibility of the founders and the Investor Readiness Report score. Every fund does not invest or is interested in all kinds of companies. This value add of finding the right investor and investor interest is one of the foundations of successful funding.

They get a remarkable opportunity to pitch at one go to top interested investors and receive spot feedback and funding. They will also be showcased on our website and receive exposure in press releases as well as have the right to use the honour in all their future pitch & promotion documents. A leading online business television channel will carry the event as a program and the selected companies will be provided exposure in the program. Recordings of individual pitches will also be available.

There are multiple benefits by applying early. You will be able to access the coaching materials and have time to prepare your documentation in the right formats. This will help with your Funding Readiness score and in turn improve your chances of being selected for the Finale.

Absolutely YES! Our experts will have a translator at all times. If selected to the Finale, you can pitch in a language of your choice.