After the resounding success of Indonesia Fund Fest in Jakarta in September 2018, we now bring the hugely successful funding format to Bandung, Indonesia. In partnership with the iconic Habibie Festival, Indonesia Fund Fest presents Bandung Startup Hunt!

We offer you a unique opportunity to pitch in Bandung in front of business experts & get direct entry to the Pre- Finale of Indonesia Fund Fest, scheduled for February 2019.

You may also experience “Get Funded” workshop by renowned author & founder of Indonesia Fund Fest to get real world insights of the funding world & how investment works from an investor’s point of view.

An event where the sole focus is on the Entrepreneur without the distraction of crowds, speeches, sellers etc. The entrepreneurs are the ones on stage in the spotlight, pitching directly to experts and if selected get a chance to pitch in front of a larger group of investors in the Pre-Finale.

Whether you just have an idea or are an established business, or an Entrepreneur who has been looking to accelerate their Funding process, Indonesia Fund Fest is the platform to accelerate your Funding Journey. So, what are you waiting for? If selected in the Top 3, you get to display your venture to 50,000+ visitors of the Habibie Festival in Bandung.

Our focus is on YOU & the INVESTOR!

29th November - 2nd December’ 18

Venue: Telkom University Convention Hall

Limited Seats

Event Schedule

Get Funded Now

Get Funded Workshop

29th November 2018
Time: 08:30 AM - 11:30 PM
Registration Pass- IDR 100.000

Learn how the Funding World Works from the Author of the International Best Selling Book 'Get Funded Now’


Bandung Startup Hunt

29th November 2018
Time: 12:30 PM - 03:00 PM
Registration Pass- IDR 200.000

Unique chance to get direct entry to the Pre-Finale & expert advice from Industry Specialists on the basis of Investor Readiness Report

Habibie Festival

Habibie Festival

30th November - 2nd December 2018
Time: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Register for GFN workshop & Bandung startup Hunt together via Partners
ONLY FOR IDR 250.000


Nalin Singh

Life Coach and Strategy Consultant

Sachin Gopalan

CEO of Orbit Ventura

Shoeb Kagda

Founder of Indonesia Economic Forum

Get Funded Workshop by
Author of Best Selling Book
“Get Funded Now”
Founder of Indonesia Fund Fest




The experts will select Pre-Finalists Top 3 Most Fundable Startups on 23rd November, based on the pitch they deliver. The Top 3 get a direct entry to the IDFF Finale scheduled for February’19 where they get a chance to pitch in front of global investors. The 3 Pre Finalists also get a booth at the Habibie Festival on 24th & 25th November'18 to display their business idea to 50,000+ visitors.

At the Habibie Festival, we expect more than 20,000 visitors on 24 & 25 November. The top 3 pre-finalists will get booths to display their idea / business proposition. This is a great opportunity to meet other investors as well as validate the client response to the business idea.

We expect nearly 500 startups to register and enter the funding readiness process stage. From these we expect the Top 3 most fundable startup list to be selected who get a chance to pitch in the Finale of Bandung Startup Hunt. In India we have had 6,500+ startups in 2017 and 10,000+ startups in 2018.

We expect close to 500 applications for the "Investor Readiness Report stage from Bandung.

Once you have completed Registration and paid the Investor Readiness Report fees you will receive a pin and password to login to our website. A sample pitch deck, expectations, sample diligence report etc. will be available for your review.

The optional video is to help the Application Review Committee (ARC) get a better understanding of the company. If your company is difficult to explain in a few slides, then the video may help, but will not necessarily increase the chances of being selected.

The Pre-Finalist Top 3 Most Fundable Startups list for 2018 will be announced through a press release on or before 4-Nov-18

Each startup will be allocated 3-5 minutes to pitch followed by 2-3 minutes of Q&A from the investor audience.

Almost all investor groups from Indonesia including VC's, Angel Investor's, Seed Funding Investors and High Net Worth Individuals apart from Key Investors from eight other countries including the US, UK, Singapore and Indonesia will be at the Finale. The format of the Fund Fest is to ensure that you are pitched to the right set of investors. For example, you will pitch to investors who are interested in your venture; depending on the tenure of your business, business plan maturity, financial robustness, size of opportunity, size of investment required, industry segment, credibility of the founders and the Investor Readiness Report score. Every fund does not invest or is interested in all kinds of companies. This value add of finding the right investor and investor interest is one of the foundations of successful funding.

There are multiple benefits by applying early. You will be able to access the coaching materials and have time to prepare your documentation in the right formats. This will help with your Funding Readiness score and in turn improve your chances of being selected for the Finale.

Absolutely YES! Our experts will have a translator at all times. If selected to the Finale, you can pitch in a language of your choice.

We encourage startups in any domain and at any stage to apply.

We provide opportunity to companies under three categories;

  • Companies that are pre-revenue
  • Companies that are pre-breakeven
  • Companies that are already profitable.

At the idea stage, you can apply in the first category and have a fair chance among similar stage companies. Our Investor Readiness Report is also a qualitative assessment report on the opportunity and potential of the idea. Having a formal structure and mature business model is not a pre-requisite or guarantee for a high fundability score. So, go ahead and apply!

There are no restrictions on the amount of capital raised, we encourage everyone to apply.

Application Review Committee (ARC) will consist of representatives from VCs, incubators, angel investors, industry experts and more.

Natio Cultus has been recognized as one of the top 25 Merger, Acquisition and Funding companies of India in September 2016. To date our consultants have supported more than 300+ startups to receive funding apart from mentoring and advising them on various aspects of business strategy and governance. Each one of our lead consultants has been an entrepreneur and has more than twenty years of business experience.

Natio Cultus and its consultants have raised funds from USD 10,000 to USD 55 million. They have also led and first hand experienced deals of various sizes upto USD 1.5 billion.